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Studio Tour

My studio occupies an 8' x 8' large dormer.  My work table is a wooden farm table that I bought at a discount department store.  Don't be fooled by the tidy appearance.  My table is well loved, but it is never this tidy!

Here's a larger shot to show all of those lovely plastic containers.

Reality!  This is how my work table usually looks.  And sometimes there are layers and layers and I need to put things away just to get to the table.

I love my plastic containers.  They help to keep some order in the studio.  That is when I put supplies back into the correct container and the containers on a shelf.  But the truth is, these can usually be found stacked nearby my current project.

A great window is a great asset!  Even on cold and snowy days!

My most important tools are my hands.

Some of my pieces need to be hammered.

Sometimes my flex shaft comes in handy to add texture or to polish an area that my hands can't seem to reach.  The cordless drill in the back is my friend when I need to make a lot of coils. And of course, my well used and invaluable hand tools.

 My Dremel now has a new job.  It is attached to part of my Koil Kutter.  This helps me to make lots and lots of jump rings.
Here's a necklace on it's way to being completed.

This is me in the studio when I run out of coffee.

This is me when I'm out in public.