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Artisan Statement

Linda Sinish
Wire Jewelry Artisan
P. O. Box 103, Broad Run, VA 20137
Web-site:  www.LindaSinish.com

Artisan Statement

In 2005 I began to explore jewelry design.  My attention and passion was directed to wire and metal.  My training and education has been through books, DVDs, extensive workshops and classes.  Techniques and skills were honed with practice and a passionate driving force.  Every new technique motivated me.  Through trial and error I began to notice improvement and refinement in my jewelry.  With time, patience and practice, original designs were created.  My jewelry is now shown and sold in juried galleries and shops.  My love of teaching allows me to show others how to create jewelry.

Wire jewelry is created from metals such as copper, bronze, brass, silver, steel, and nickel using the cold connection technique (without the use of solder or glue).  Wire is manipulated into shape and dimension to form designs using simple hand tools.  Additional dimension may be added with various hammers, forging tools and objects.  Some beads, glass and found objects are often used, as a complement to the wire forms.  A patina is added to all copper pieces to add depth, warmth and an antiqued appearance.  Each piece of jewelry is handled several dozen times.  The entire process is labor and time intensive.

Juried Venues

·         Buxton & Landstreet Gallery and Studios, Thomas, WV
·         Lost River Artisans Cooperative, Lost City, WV
·         The Corner Store, Waterford, VA
·         The Fire House Gallery and Shop, Berryville, VA
·         The Old Jail Museum and Shop, Warrenton, VA


·         Reston Community Center, Reston , VA
·         Warrenton Community Center, Warrenton, VA

American-born artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976) is well known for his mobiles, stabiles, paintings, and objects.  He also created about 1,800 pieces of jewelry and body ornaments made from brass, silver and gold wire, with found objects such as beach glass, ceramic shards, and wood added to these pieces.

            Reference:  Alexander Calder’s “Calder’s Jewelry” by A.S.C. Rower