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Wire Care & Cleaning

How to care and clean your copper jewelry

Your new copper jewelry from my studio has an oxidization process applied that places a dark patina in the nooks and crannies of the copper wire, plus a light patina on the top surfaces  Over time your new piece of jewelry will naturally need to be cleaned.  All metals, with the exception of gold, have a reaction from our environment.

To protect your new piece of copper jewelry you can delay any tarnishing by storing your jewelry in a zipper plastic bag or in an anti-tarnish jewelry box.

When it becomes necessary to clean your copper jewelry, do not dip copper wire jewelry into any liquid solution or all of the dark patina will be removed.  You will then be left with a bright orange piece of jewelry.

I suggest using a dry jewelry polishing cloth to clean your copper jewelry.  These cloths can be purchased at any department store (Target and Walmart) in the jewelry section.  These dry clothes have a special cleaning and polishing compound that will remove dirt, oil and tarnish, while leaving the antiquing in the recess areas, that has been deliberately applied.

Here's a helpful video that shows a great way to clean copper jewelry.

Video for cleaning copper jewelry


  1. Love your work, tutorials and this piece on how to care and clean copper jewelry.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and compliments. I'm happy that this article is of value. Have a great day and thank you again, and again.


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