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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Learning To Create My Own Designs

I belong to a great forum on Facebook, 'Wire Wrap Tips & Tutorials'. We ask questions and provide answers, advice and motivation to each other. I have learned a lot from this group.

Today I provded my 2 cents and thought I'd share.

A member wrote ".....Any advice on learning to make my own design?..."

My 2 cents "After awhile the designs will just come. Mine happened with gaining trust in myself/designs and not thinking to much. Also, having a gamit of techniques in my experience bucket. But, when I'm stumpted....This is how my mind works, sometimes. How can I make this design my own. Then look at part of it. How can I change the weave. What can I do for a different clasp. What different embellishment(s) can I add, instead of the flat wire, use round, coil it, put small beads in the coil. Add a coin bead where the flat/square wire join.  Have fun experimenting and one morning you'll wake up with a design from your dreams.  Goooooo gurl!"

And because no blog post should go without a picture, I've posted one of my pendants. This was created by allowing myself to just go for it, using tecniques I've learned along the way. It started by choosing the jasper bead and wanting to include the leaf charm.

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  1. Good advice, Linda. And such a beautiful pendant, too. Love the addition of the leaf.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda