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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Challenging Design

This pendant didn't come together easily. I could feel the blockage of flow as I was putting it together. Perhaps it was because I had my focus on expected over night company, or the head cold that reared it's ugly symptoms in the next few days, but I felt like I was forcing the design.  It did finally come together and it's in the first picture. As for the head cold, well it insists on over staying it's visit, but I am hopeful it will vanish in the near future.

After coping with a sore throat and no motivation, for two days, I woke up with a desire in my head. My goal to complete it in one day.  That didn't happen.

Ewww. A teeny, tiny knot in 26 gauge wire. I caught this bad boy just in time.

It's almost formed.

Now that it's formed, I'm thinking it looks too busy. I'll remove the central coiled/twisted wire.v

I went ahead and removed the coiled/twisted wire and then adjusted the weave to fill in the center.

Now I'm going to nurse this cold with a bowl of ice cream. Feed a cold, as the say.

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