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Friday, April 1, 2016

Lampwork Beads and Copper Weave are in a Relationship

PC6 $42

I want to thank whoever inspired me to use lampwork beads in my weave pendants, with apologies, because I can't remember who it is.  I've used 5 different lampwork beads in the same design, but they all look so different because of the bead personality.  Take a look below.

The design started with my choosing to join the lampwork bead with a wire, then I decided that I wanted the weave just up the side, the next step was which weave to use.  Once that was started the wire and my hands decided on the the rest, as I went along.  It seemed natural to add a coiled spiral at the bottom and the bare wire just wanted to follow along.  It ends in the back.  When I was ready to work on the top, the bare wire just followed along the weave that wrapped to make the baile.

Right now they are all headed to Hendersonville, NC to help fill up my new glass shelving display.

PC9 $38

PC8 $42

PC7 $38

PC5 $42

Thank you for reading and stopping by to look at the pictures.  Have a joy filled and creative day!


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