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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Key Ring

First, I must say that, NO!  I didn't try to balance the keyring on the edge.  I laid the entire unit down, picked up the camera and took advantage of this happy accident.  I'm putting the finishing touches on the inventory headed for Lost River Artisan Cooperative.  I decided that I needed something for those gift buyers that could go home to a man or woman.  I know you're looking at a 16mm bright fuchsia agate, but there are others that are dark blue lapis that hopefully will appeal to shoppers. The fuchsia made it into the mix because I was using 16 gauge wire and it and the lapis were drilled to fit.  Yes, I could have used 18 gauge, but I really wanted the chunky look.  Item BA2 $12.

Thank you for visiting.  Have a joy filled and creative Easter day!

"Getty up!"

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