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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Long Process of Design

These first 2 pictures are the final design that I have decided to have join my earring sellers.  Below, I have written about this long and frustrating process.  In short, I wanted to design an earring with a bead shape that wasn't already part of my current inventory.  It should be affordable to make and sell, relatively quick and easy to completed and of course a design that I like and that my customers like. Now it's up to my customers to let me know what they think.

You might notice that I've discovered a feature in my photo-editor software that makes combo pictures, but that's not what this blog is about.

I got the idea to run the wire up on a curve along the side of the bead.  During the process I kept getting more ideas for tweaking.  It was a longer than planned process and quite frankly I was getting bored, but I so wanted to come up with another earring design.  You will notice that this design is a twist on the orange earrings I created in the past few weeks for pumpkin season.

My day started with 5 pairs of Crazy Lace agate ovals with a goal to make an earring that I love, that my customers will love at a $22 price.  During the process I changed the gauge of wire, the type of compliment crystals, whether to swirl or not to swirl.  The following individual pictures have my feeling and critiquing of each style.

I made a mistake on this pair and cut the wire on the top hanging wrap, so there isn't a tiny spiral. This design or color combo just doesn't sit well with me.  Maybe, it just needs a different, more contrasting color.

This pair has the tiny spiral at the very top. I used 20 gauge wire and the entire top felt unstable.  I either need to go with a heavier gauge or a shorter top.  I'm not happy with the strength of the wire.

This pair is made with 18 gauge wire to give it some strength and I've enlarged, as well as simplified the bail area.  I like this pair the least.  The crystals would not fit on this heavier gauge wire, so they needed to be laced onto it. I think the longer coiling on each end of the 3 crystals is too long and takes away from the design..  Also, I made a mistake and cut the central spiral wire too short and that resulted in a wimpy spiral.  


This is looking better, but I'm still not sold.  This pair has less coil on the crystal wire, but I think it's still too much and takes the earring out of balance.  I'll try making these again with only 3 wraps on each side of the crystal section.  This would be the overall easiest design, if I like it.

This pair is made with 20 gauge and is almost the winner.  I want to simplify the bail with no tiny spiral at the top and enlarge the bail loop.  With a simple bail I believe the 20 gauge will be stable, However my final design has been made with 18 gauge.  I like the heavier wire in appearance. 

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Have a joy filled and creative day!

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