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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Key To My Heart

I do believe that with more practice I will perfect wire weave. It has stolen my heart and I just can't stop weaving.  There are some obstacles that I'm learning to maneuver, like the correct wire gauge, the tension of the wire and of course an appealing design.  My learning curve has created some frustrations along the way, but those that know me, know that this is exactly what will motivate me to correct and improve.  I like to call it determination.  My friends may say its stubbornness.  I love my friends!

Todays blog is all about the 4 key pendants that I have created.  I'm just not sure if I'm happy with them all.  But, as I said, I will get better with practice.

I adapted the tutorial that I purchased from Nichole Hanna.  I decided that I wanted to add a heart agate bead to this design.  I heard the saying 'Key to my heart' in my head.  I haven't gotten the hang of keeping the wire weave on the bottom of the key as straight as I'd like.  I'm going to make this section using 16 gauge wire and see if it will hold it's shape better.  Also, I'd like this design better if I has made an open spiral that was hammered for the bail area.  I'm not crazy about that bare wire on the left of the heart.  I'll  need to figure out a better wire path, or perhaps coil this wire.

I like this pendant, but I still want to use heavier wire for the bottom portion to keep it straight.

I'm not crazy about the coil on the top of the bead.  It's  not bad and I think some folks will like it, but it could be better.

This is my favorite key pendant.  I love how I weaved the bail, but next time I'll use a finer gauge of wire to help keep the weave straight and more attractive.

I need to go make a couple more of these key pendants, with the goal of perfecting those learning curve areas.

Thank you for visiting.  Have a joy filled and creative day.


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