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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends.  My wish for you is a joy filled and healthy life, filled with prosperity, and many loving, supportive friends!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are You Stuck In Your Box !!! ???

Maybe it's time to think outside 'your' box.

Is it time to change the medium that you use to create?, i.e., from wire, canvas or fiber to mixed media, from 2 dimension to 3 dimension or 3 dimension to 2 dimension.

How about changing the foundation on what you create?, i.e. from a metal base to a glass base, a canvas base to a metal or slate base, a wire base to a paper base?

Do you have a co-dependent relationship with your medium!?

INSERT PICTURE OF FORTUNE TELLER caption:  No!  Not that type of medium!

Put the fear of change on the end table (You can always pick it up again.)  Be a warrior and pick up a new medium!

INSERT A PICTURE OF MY METAL JEWELRY or warrior picking up a fortune teller.

We have a priority and a necessities in this physical life in-order to thrive.  We must have food in our tummies, gas in our vehicles and shelter over our bodies.  That takes money.

It's really lovely when our art form makes enough money to cover all of those necessities, but typically our money must be supplemented.  That usually means working for the 'man' until the art starts to sell consistently.

What if it doesn't sell?  That's when we must think and create something outside of our box!

If your art or craft isn't producing the results or sales that you expect and desire, then why not try to think and act differently.  It's doesn't mean you can't come back to your box.  It doesn't mean that you aren't talented.

If you want people to buy your art or craft you need to give them what they want to buy.

It's sad to the point of depressing when an artist or artisan creates what they believe to be the most wonderful piece of work they have ever seen and then it doesn't sell.  The series or collection of art grows old, dusty and distressed in some untouched storage space.


This sad and depressing mentality that forms inside the artist or artisan will breed more and more sadness and depression.  This cycle can and must be stopped!  It will show up in your art form, your relationships, your bank balance!  It can be changed into happiness.  But, the ego and stubbornness needs to be set aside, even if only for a temporary period of time.  Remind yourself that you can always go back to your original art form.

How HORRIFIC would it be if I had to stop making jewelry because it no one would buy it!  What if I had to change my medium and paint little inspirational sayings on pieces of slate with a cord to hang on the wall?Could I do that?  YES!  Would I do that?  YES!  Would I eventually go back to making jewelry?  YES!