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Saturday, October 11, 2014

An Experiment in the Lab, aka Studio

I've been slammed making inventory for the up and coming Christmas fairs.  Typically, I will make 6 to 12 reproductions of some of my favorite sellers.  That means I can become bored!  But, a gals gotta' eat!

I took a break from my factory assembly line and started to experiment with an idea that flashed in my mind, to create this pendant.  There were detours and changes along the way, as well as an improvement was discovered for the next version of this design. I'll write about the improvement toward the end of this post.

Originally I was going to surround a flat coin bead with a circle of chaos curls.  When I went to pick out a coin bead I couldn't resist this rose colored agate heart.

Front of raw form. I created a long piece of chaos curls and started to form it into a circle.  The wire was resisting (Let's face it, I was in a funky mood.), so I let it take it's own form.

Back of raw form.  I hammered the entire form to work harden the wire.

Here I have added the heart agate with a piece wire.

The back after the heart was wired into place

After it has liver of sulfur applied

The back getting ready to be buffed

After the steel wool has removed  the top layer of liver of sulfur

The back after using the steel wool

Now for the tweaking for a future piece with this design.  I don't like the way the stone just sits on top of the wire form.  I would like the wire to 'hug' the stone.  The next version will have more chaos curls to give the form some depth and allow it to come up and nest around the bead.  This will also add some additional strength to the wire.  This original version is okay, but I'd like for it to feel a bit more stable.  I will put this pendant into the tumbler to hopefully harden the wire a bit more than the hammer did in the beginning.

Yes, I like it.  Now to see if a customer will like it enough to adopt it.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

Have a joy filled and creative day!

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