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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting Into The Mind Of The Buyer

Notice in the title I said buyer and not shopper. I think shoppers are just walking around looking and chatting with no intention of spending any money.  Very much, like going to an art gallery where you are admiring the art on the walls or pedestals. They simply need something to do.  So they go out to where the people are and look around.  That's nice.  I've done it.  But, it doesn't help me the seller.  Notice I said seller and not artist, artisan, crafter or maker of things.

This heart is inspired by the talented Mary-Anne Harvey  I adore her wire designs! 

The buyer is my audience.  They have a mission.  They have a budget.  They have a goal to go away with something new.  There intention is to spend money.

I love my wire and the techniques I've learned and some would say have mastered.  But, I must put my love of wire to the side when selling.  Crazy, huh!  Because the buyer will ouuu and ahhh out loud about the color of the bead, stone or crystal.  That item that I bought in bulk because it works with my wire or metal design. Good gracious!  Of course, it's not like that all of the time.  There are buyers that gravitate to my all wire or metal jewelry.  They see the techniques and love the mystery behind how on earth did I get the wire to do that!  And that buyer will spend their money to wear something that they consider art and a conversation piece.  But, there are a bunch of buyers that just don't see the wire or metal.  They don't see it!  It's not there!"  They just see the brilliant color in the 'accent piece' of the wire.

This is true for myself.  How dare I!!!  Yep!  I've done it!  I was making some pendants and fell in love with this pink agate.  Not the wire!  The pink agate! Not the way I made a double wire bail, or the fat wrap at the top, or those evenly spaced spirals down the face of the agate, not the balance of the piece, or that perfect open spiral, just the in my face lovely pink agate.

This weekend is the International Gem Show and I'll be more aware than ever of what my buyers are magically drawn.

Have a joy filled and creative day!



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