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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Gal's Gotta' Eat!

I always want to make a piece of art jewelry.  It doesn't matter how much it costs or if it will sell.  I want it to be awesome!  But, I also make jewelry as a business.  A business has a goal.....profit.  I know!  It's an ugly word, but it is what it is.

As an art business I have a business plan.  That plan includes goals.  I may want to ignore goals, but the truth of the matter is..... I'm not 12 years old coloring in mom's kitchen.  Insert pouty face!

My first goal:  Is to make a piece that I want to make.  Something that gives me pleasure and fun in the process of creating it.

My second goal:  Is for the piece to be unique, interesting and desirable.

Lost leader is a technique

So, that's brings me to the task of making multiples of the same Christmas earrings.  Don't wanna', but gotta'. Along side of those earrings will be unique, one of a kind, priced much higher, awesome Christmas earrings! And maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed, someone will buy them. YES!

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