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Friday, July 4, 2014

Swirly Curly Wire Technique And Sore Fingers

Ah, yes!  Very sore fingers, but I love, love, love the results that have been created from a brand new technique that I have added to my arsenal.  A huge shout out to Mary-Anne Harvey for her enormous generosity with sharing this technique to the world.  Mary-Anne is the first to tell you that she didn't create this technique.  I don't think anyone knows who the creative genius is behind this technique. However, we are thankful.  Mary-Anne has provided some pictures and guidance to give anyone the opportunity to learn and use this technique.  Some folks call it the chaos technique.  I like to call it the swirly curly.  Be aware, that this technique is contagious and some sore fingers may result, since no tools are used. Please check out Mary-Anne Harvey's work on her Facebook page. Click here to go to her Facebook page or go to Facebook and put Rug N Annie in the search box and enjoy her beautiful work.

Compared to Mary-Anne, I am a novice with this technique.  Never the less, I have used it for a few new pieces and my goal is to get better and better.  The latest is a heart pendant that is now listed in my Etsy shop.  But, why not make your own, if you do wire work.  Just follow Mary-Anne's guidance.  Here's the link:  Tutorial by Mary-Anne Harvey

Thank you for stopping by and reading my latest adventure in the studio.

Have a joy filled and creative day!

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