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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Swirly Curls Technique is Alive!

A design that started out as an earring has morphed into a pendant.

The other day I received another download of creativity.  This design popped into my thoughts.  Quick!  Get the wire and tools!  And, so I did just that, since those type of creative thoughts are like dreams and are very quick to leave and be forgotten.  I set about making a single earring proto type.  I've learned to make a single earring to start, because sometimes what's in my mind doesn't look as attractive in reality.

My single earring will be turned into a child's pendant for my Great Niece.

The lesson here is I just could not get the swirly curls technique to be a twin.  Not even close.  I even took to the long process of picking up a set of wires and making a swirl, putting it down, then picking up the other and made a swirl and continued back and forth.  Well, that was painfully long, but it did produce a close match.  However, this technique requires me to squish all of the swirly curls together into a compact form. Did you know that wire is alive!? It certainly seems like it at times.  I squished the swirls on one element to form my shape, but the second element decided to have a unique result.  Grrrr!  Now, I like this sort of thing and some of my friends and customers like it.  But, honestly there are so many people out there that must have things matchy-matchy. Even if I practiced and got the element close in appearance, I don't think it's worth the time.  So it became larger and better.  It birthed a pendant.

I will be making more of these pendants with different color crystals for the coming holiday art and craft fairs. I'm thinking of antiqued sterling silver with a red tear drop crystal!  Oh! Yeah!

Thank you for visitng and reading my blog.

Have a joy filled and creative day!

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