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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wired On Vacation

My very dear friends invited me to go on vacation with them.  What a gift!  I am truly grateful.  We drove from Warrenton, Virginia to Destin, Florida and were blessed with perfect weather, (except 1 day on the way home, but by then 'who cares?'.   Being the mad wire woman that I am, I did a bit of wire work, too. Here are some pictures of my vacation, along with some of the wire work I completed.

Before leaving I (at my desk) needed to leave a message on my e-mail.

This was a funny sight, just as we entered South Carolina.  It's huge and taller than the trees.  From our driving angle it looked less like a peach and more like....well...you know.

Outside of Atlanta I found my morning coffee.

Approaching the Emerald Grande, aka heaven on earth.

I took this immediately on arrival from the patio outside my bedroom. That's a pirate ship heading for the bridge.  I looked for Johnnie Depp, but no luck!

A selfie from the patio on the 10th floor.  Yes, the water is that awesome and the sand is white (from the quartz).

Sunset from the patio.

One morning we ventured to the Donut Hole.  Check out the 'Diet' Plate!

My friend Brenda snapped a picture of me on the beach.  Proof that I can and do chill out.  The Emerald Grande has a private beach that you can only get to by a 15 minute boat trip.  It's in a large cove or channel about a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. Once at the beach there are lots of umbrellas, chairs and of course the beverage dude.  And we were blessed with a breeze.

And ice cream is delivered by a dude in a boat.  I think I want his job.

We took a walk along the beach until we got to the Gulf of Mexico.  The water is a beautiful emerald green color.  A walk in the sand is a bit challenging, but putting my feet into the Gulf made it all worth while.

I took this picture from the boat that was taking us back from the beach.  The board walk is crammed pack full of things to do.

Still on the boat, here's the entire Emerald Grande.  The water and sky looked like this the entire time.

I decided to do some work from the patio.

My resort studio.

Since I have an art and artisan fair coming up I needed (wanted) to get a few things started.  I love making wire jewelry, but it's even better from a resort

I hope you have enjoyed the trip with me.  Thank you for reading along.

Have a joy filled and creative day.


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