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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lost River Cooperative Fully Stocked (edited with extra pictures added)

Today was absolutely perfect.  The weather was blissful to take a long ride into the mountains and I had my good friend Brenda along for some fun chatter.  She also served as my cheerleader, as I white knuckled it driving across my lest favorite bridge.  It's long, curvy, way up high, and let's not mention how it is on a windy day.  Yes, I am a scaredy cat on certain bridges and absolutely turn into an anxiety filled mess!  But, today I had my brave friend and no wind.  Life is good!

Lost River Artisans Cooperative is in an unlikely place 9 miles down a country road.  The road is in a beautiful valley with high mountains on one side and flat fields near the road.  Cows and pastures speckle the landscape and a few buildings.  Then there is a small cluster of buildings and homes that are at the most 1/2 mile long.  Here you will find a large historic barn that is the home of many artist and artisans works.  So who on earth would be the shoppers?  Well, this road is well traveled to the Lost River State Park and there are tiny villages tucked away in the hillsides.  But, it's mostly the travelers to the state park that stop in and shop.

I feel like such a grown up.  I uploaded my first two videos to Youtube and then linked them to my blog. Oh, how techie I feel.  The first is a compilation of several pictures.  And later in this blog is an actual video. These are tests and I'm hopeful that they will play automatically when you open my blog from when it shows up in your e-mail or when you read it from www.artyzenstudio.blogspot.com.

A very cool display box.  My favorite!

Update:  Videos won't show up on blog posts that go directly
to your e-mail.  To see the display videos, please go to www.artyzenstudio.blogspot and open this post.  Lesson learned.

Update: I've posted regular pictures throughout this post for those of you who can not view the videos.

Last month I was juried into the cooperative and left them with a few pieces of jewelry.  Doug the manager displayed them for me.  He used a wonderful wooden box with a glass lid.  I love how he set things up for me and really love the wooden box and the layers on the table. During this past month I've been busy with a long list of priorities and I took a wonderful vacation to Florida with my dear friends.  So, today I finally made it to the cooperative to complete my display area with more displays and stocked it with jewelry.

In the past few weeks I have attended a spring festival, plus found another venue for my jewelry.  I'll be blogging about these events in the very near future.

Thank you for visiting with me today.  And a special thank you for being patient with my photo and video experiments.

Have a joy filled and creative day!

Getty Up!

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