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Friday, April 25, 2014

Experimenting with Sheet Metal

I need to take a break from my to do list that has a very short time line.  I know that sounds counter productive to take a break when I'm short on time, but I need to zap my stress level.  Taking a mental break is therapeutic.  Writing is a great destresser for me.

Recently, I've taken a few metal work shops.  Before I could get started in the studio, I needed to buy a few new tools.....great excuse!  So new hammers, dimple pliers, rivets and files are now in the studio.  I eventually want to do some embossing, so a couple glass bowls with lids for the chemicals are sitting all clean on the shelf.  Oh, and I bought some alcohol inks for coloring metal.  It'll be an experiment.  I'm hopeful for positive results.

Enough words,  here are 3 very fast pendants from the work table.  I can see all of the changes and improvements that I will make with future pendants.  But, not bad for the first batch.

I whacked the edges with a hammer with a straight design and then used a different hammer with tiny squares for the center.  Then I placed small holes in the metal down both sides and laced some thin wire through the holes.  A couple of open spirals and blue crystals added some color.  I arched the metal a bit to give a tad bit of shape and antiqued the metal.  Did I mention the filing?  Lots and lots of filing.

This is pendant has a different texture.  I added some jump rings for interest.  This design, without the open spiral, might appeal to a guy.

I did some very light fold forming on this metal and then used a variety of sizes of dimple pliers to add some texture, along with some hammering on the outer edge.  

Now, I'm feeling more relaxed.  I'm going to grab an early lunch and then back to that list.  Tomorrow I am submitting my jewelry for jury into a gallery.  After the 1 1/2 drive to the gallery, I'll be meeting a friend for lunch and checking out a gift shop that has potential for another venue for my jewelry. My screen is now acting wacky and I'm seeing a blue line.  I'll take this as my cue to sign off and go get lunch.

Have a joy filled and creative day.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Boo!  Hiss!  It can and will happen to us all.  I didn't get into a great art and craft show scheduled for this fall.  Not because of my ability or skills, but because other folks who passed the jury and attended in the past had priority.  Lucky them.  Sad me.

I just needed to share and say 'There, there.  It will be okay!'  The good news is I can now apply for a different show. One that is closer, with no travel and no hotel needed.  So maybe, I dodged a bullet.

Check my blog in September to see what I'm doing that is BETTER than this show.  I can't wait to see what takes it's place.

Have a joy filled and creative day!