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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Celebration Coffee!

I sometimes think that some folks that aren't professional artists or artisans might think all we do is have fun. Yep!  Just hanging out in the studio and playing with colors.  That's what I personally 'used' to think and believe.  But, dang!  There's just so much more to do that is unseen or even unspoken in order to touch that golden ring of success and even more to actually getting the golden ring.  And, then again, the reward of all that 'non' play time is justified and rewarded once we finally, after lots of determination, work and patience, accomplish a victory.  Today, I accomplished a victory!  I have a new signed consignment contract!

The walk down the brick side walk, along with my jewelry and displays.

As some of you who have been reading here on my blog about my ups and downs of my jewelry business, 10 months ago I moved back to Northern Virginia.  That meant closing up a successful gallery location and restarting.  Well how hard could it be? Right!?  After all I did it once.  It should be simple.  Wrong!  No matter how much experience there's a ladder to climb, make that a mountain to climb.  There's competition to address.  There's a different perception of the skill behind the work.  There's different types of venues. There's different type of shoppers.  Who knew?

During this past 10 months I have been non-stop!  I mean it!  Everyday I've searched for new venues for my jewelry.  When I wasn't researching and contacting a new venue I would be making jewelry.  During my researching I came across a newspaper article that said a local museum was opening a gift shop to support the museum expenses. There were a lot of restrictions.

  1. The first was all of the products in the shop must be made by a resident of Fauquier County.  Yippee! That's me!  
  2. All of the products must pass the jury process. Yippee!  I passed the jury process. 
  3. All of the products had to be in a certain price point.  Yippee! That's most of my jewelry.  
  4. If accepted, there is no room for under stock, so the artisan must be able to come to the shop quickly to restock.  Yippee!  That's me.

So I began the journey.  I first read the news paper article back in December 2013.  I then stopped by the museum to make sure it would be a good fit for me and to introduce myself. Several months passed and I was invited to bring my samples in for the jury process.  Once I was accepted and confirmed that I am a local resident I was invited to be 'the' jewelry artisan.  Did you catch that?  'The'  Yep!  Since the shop is restricted in size and they want to carry a variety of items, I am 'the' only jewelry artisan.  My jewelry will be among some other fantastic local artisans, to include a wonderful local potter, a wood worker, a folk art painter and some others.

The back of the Honda is filled with inventory and displays  Oh, the memories this vehicle could share.

A path to remember.

As I approached the magnificent court house.

This court house has been featured in a film directed by Clint Eastwood.

Close up of the court house steps.  I'm not sure what that building is in the background.  
I'll be sure to check it out.

Here's where history was made and the Sheriff and his wife lived and the prisoners were kept.

This area has recently been renovated for the gift shop.

Another view of the shop that is still being organized.

My jewelry is now in it's preliminary staging.  There's still a lot more to be installed.  I'll be sharing the space with a fantastic potter and wood worker.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking this journey with me.

Have a joy filled and creative day!

Getty Up!

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