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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My ARTbliss Weekend Part 1

Prairie Pearl Pod Pendant

I finally spent a full weekend at ARTbliss.  When I lived in West Virginia, it was impossible for me to make the trek over the mountains and through the woods.  I signed up for both metal classes being taught by Deryn Mentock.  What a pleasure!  She's very talented and an excellent instructor.  I have been wanting to add metal designs to my jewelry for quite some time. Youtube videos and books are fine, but I couldn't ask questions.  No matter how clear a video is, I always seemed to have questions.

Here's a side view so you can see how the metal forms around the pearls.  And, that wonderful texture and color.

 I started out thinking I was going to use some green colored pearls.  They are lovely and would look exceptional next to the copper color.  Plus, I like the idea of the green color mimicking actual peas.  But, when I laid them onto the pattern, they lacked the 'wham' I wanted.  I'm sure it was because the green pearls were smaller in size.  So I dug out the larger white pearls.  I was following Deryns sample and loved how she addded some bling.  I mumbled out loud that I wanted some rondells and Cindy Wimmer came to my rescue. How blessed I am to have 2 rondell crystals inside my pod. from her antique necklace.  They are perfect.  I added a few Swarovski round crystals for even more bling.

The first thing we did was anneal our sheet metal and hammered it to add some texture.  I used a hammer with a straight edge for the edge of my piece of metal.  Then I used a hammer with some tiny squares all over the center portion.  When I placed it back in the flame to anneal again, since it was now rock hard, the metal turned some very pretty colors.  I wish the picture was better, because there are some vivid blues and greens in the metal.

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