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Thursday, March 27, 2014

More, More, More Facebook Pages, Oh My!

Just a short update about my Facebook world.  Today, I created yet another Facebook page out of necessity.  My friend Ashlea brought to my attention that there is a Facebook business page titled ArtyZen Studios - note the s on the end.  She wanted to know if I was aware of it and of course I wasn't.  It turns out that this company is not in the same business as me, so that was a relief.  But, it did make me realize that one of my business names (Linda Sinish and ArtyZen Studio) may be in jeopardy of being claimed in the future in Facebook land.  So, I spent my morning putting my goals on hold and went about creating yet another Facebook page named ArtyZen Studio to match my blog name.

There is hope for me!  I am NOT alone!  There are many Pinterest, Google and Youtube links for other multi-Facebook page creators.  I have hope!

Yes, I do have 'other' Facebook pages.  They have been created based on what I thought was logical at the time of creation and based on what Facebook was offering over the past years.

1st, I created my personal page...Linda Sinish.  This page needs you to request to be my 'friend' in order to view my postings and read the conversations between myself and my friends.  Pretty much anyone who requests a 'friend' from me will be accepted.  Just as long as your not an ax murderer.

2nd, I created a business page...Wire Wrap and Metal Jewelry by Linda Sinish.  The title was created so people who search for wire jewelry could find my page.

3nd, I created a page...Linda Sinish Jewelry Artisan.  Again, so people could search for me for business reasons and I wanted to claim my name, even tho there aren't that many people on the planet with the last name of Sinish.  But, claim it I did.

4th,  Today I created a page...ArtyZen Studio.  As I mentioned earlier, this page was created to claim my business name.

Now anyone in there right mind really should not have this many Facebook pages. I am putting on my thinking cap and doing some research to streamline this insanity!  There's a function in Facebook that will allow me to merge pages.  I want to make sure of all of the facts before I press that button.  I don't want to lose any followers or friends or postings, so I really need to read, read, read.

Please let me know if you know anything about this merge feature.  I'm also going to ask my Facebook friends if they have any knowledge.  For now I am a collector of Facebook pages.

Have a joy filled and creative day!

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