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Monday, March 3, 2014

March Show, The Good, The Bad and The New Booth Set-Up

Here's the new booth all setup at the fair.  This was it's test drive event. Later in this blog I'll talk about the improvements I will be making.

It has been tense these last few weeks.  Make that TENSE!  I've decided to up my game and completely remake my booth setup.  It was worth every bit of effort. This past weekend the new booth had it's maiden voyage.  Or, it could be called it's rehearsal.  I signed up for a large fair that is well established with over 17 years of experience.  That my friends is a good sign.  The bad is nobody wants to buy anything at this time of the year.  I knew this, but I was hopeful for at least some successful sales, aka profit.  What ALL of the vendors received was a very long day with few sales.  Let's face it, the people who attended just wanted something to do. They wanted to get out of the house.  January and February cabin fever was the driving force, not the need to shop or purchase.  Like I said, I knew this, but until I had the experience I just didn't know the actual truth.  I remember looking at the time and remarking to my booth neighbors "It's only 2 o'clock!  I'll never make it to 4  PM"  My neighbors agreed.  We were all bored!

Here's the new booth set-up that was staged in my studio.  I needed pictures for a jury show that had a deadline before I could do a 'real' setup. And, it's always a good idea to pre-setup before a show.

Throughout the setup the night before the fair and earlier in the fair day, all of my conversations with other vendors said they had never done this show before.  'Heeeeres Your Sign! ' The vendors that displayed in previous years learned that this time of the year is all work and no money.  And all of the vendors from this year will join that club and none of us plan on returning next March.

Brenda's my BFF and she knows her way around a sewing machine.  She made my new table covers.  In this picture she is sewing my new sign to a piece of burlap that will drape to the front of a table and held in place by all of the displays.

Money, we all want to know the money facts.  For me, I made enough sales to pay for my space, gas, and the materials that made the jewelry that was sold.  My labor money and my profit were free.  That was not my intention!

The maiden voyage of the new sign that Brenda sewed to the fabric.  Yes, that is my bedroom in the back ground.

Now for some good news!  I learned so much that I could not have learned any other way.  I met so many wonderful and talented artisans.  I gained fantastic leads for other fairs and shows.  These things made my day a success!

Now the displays are setup the way I want them.  Thank you Brenda for helping with the placements and ideas.

I learned there are changes that I want and need to make to my new booth before my next show in May.

  1. I will set my table legs on bed risers to bring the table up another 6 inches to make it easier on the shoppers.  Too many ladies were hunched over.
  2. Maybe, add a skirt to my table covers to bring it to the floor to adjust for the bed risers.
  3. I will add something that is more attention grabbing to the shelves at the right front of the display. One one person actually looked at this display.
  4. I will not use Marlene the manikin.  No one mentioned her and only 1 person looked at the necklace she wore.  I will use this valuable real estate for some eye catching jewelry.
  5. I will most likely not bring the black folding screen, since it's light weight and can easily tumble over.
  6. I will bring my 6 foot up right sign on stand and place it in the right rear of the tables.
  7.  I will add more bust on clear risers.
  8. I will add a display of $18 earrings for those people who can't spend more than $20.
  9. The new folding earring display needs to be relocated.  It was hiding one of my risers and bust displays.
  10. I will bring more bracelets.  Northern Virginia ladies were looking at my bracelets (yes one sold).
  11. Everything will be ready and packed 2 days before the show.  This will give me time to chill! 

This is the pre-setup of the left side table

I love the new picture frame display.  I actually saw a display like this at another show.  I bought a couple of collage picture frames on sale.  I removed the glass and use it as a template to cut out thick cork board.  The cork board was placed in the frames and held in place with the backing.  Then earring cards were held in place with push pins.  Tah Dah!

Yesterday was a chill and recovery day.  Today I'm feeling back to my creative self.  First on my list is a chocolate dump cake.  After all it's snowing outside and chocolate is mandated!  Later, I'll be playing on my work table.  There's a pendant that wants to be manifested!

I hope you day is joy filled and creative!



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  1. Thanks for the pics of your lovely booth displays. Thanks also for sharing your thoughts on what you'd change. Very helpful for me to keep in mind for my next show.

    1. Hi Michelle, I hope that your next show is super successful. Thank you for your kind words. My next show is the end of May and it has had great reviews from my friends. Now to make more, more, more. Again, I wish you the most success and a show filled with joy!

  2. Oh dear! Sorry it didnt go well for you. We have a show this weekend, I was excited about it, now I am anxious. We deliberately skipped Jan and Feb shows, as well thought they would be dead. But this one we are doing sounds like our peeps so hopefully they will bring some bucks! We just revamped our display as well. Doing a dry run tomorrow to see how it looks. Its a 3 day show and the hours are noon to midnight! Holy cow that is going to be hard. Hope things pick up for you soon! Wish us luck! Oh, and thanks for the advice!

    1. Hil Jillie and your man! I checked out your blog and I love your work. You have a diverse line that is wonderful and will really reach a large part of the public. I really like your crosses. I've had a cross pendant on my to do list for quite sometime. You have inspired me to get busy and complete it. I hope your show is a huge success this weekend and can't wait to read about it.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda