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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

I've been meaning to write a Valentines Day blog post, but time simply got away from me.  Other goals pushed and shoved their way in front of the line.  I have a large art and artisan fair coming up on March 1st and along with preparing some special jewelry pieces, I've decided to remake my entire booth setup.  I'll be writing about that adventure, along with pictures, in the near future.  The booth is almost ready, but there are many details and displays that still need to be made or purchased, i.e. new earring cards, a new earring card display and some new necklace and pendant displays.  So, you'll read and see more about the new booth in the very near future.

Valentines Day means hearts and so hearts I have made.  Here ya' go....

Pendant:  Bronze Wire and Swarovski Crystals.  I used 16 gauge wire to form the heart.  Then I hammered the heck out of some of the areas to add some more form.  I used 24 gauge wire to lace on the crystals.  Gave the pendant a ride in the tumbler and whoa la! 

I decided to make another pendant with purple crystals.

Earrings:  Bronze Wire and Glass.  Funny thing happened when I made these earrings, I kept adding heart links and didn't give it any thought about how long they had gotten, until I hung them from the display card and they hung over the edge.  'Dweeb!"  So I tried them on, and even with my long hair, they looked strange.  So I removed a layer of heart links.

Valentines Day is hearts and many people associate the day with red hearts, so red hearts were attached to this pair.

Bracelet:  Copper, Antiqued and Lapis Heart.  I may have already blogged about this bracelet, but it seems appropriate to add it today's blog post.  I used 14 gauge copper wire to form the large spiral links.  Then 18 gauge wire was used to attach the Lapis gemstone heart.

Bracelet:  Bronze Wire.  This is a long time favorite bracelet that I've done in copper, but the bronze wire was handy and it matches the earrings and the pendant above.  Just in case someone at the gallery wants a matching set of hearts.

I hope that your day was packed full of love from your friends, family, spouse or partner.


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