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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

I know the title of this post is corny!  It's early in the morning and the coffee is just kicking in.  Perhaps, I should wait to post this until after the caffeine works it's magic. Not!  So, I'll keep the words to a minimum.

This bracelet fits the wrist like a cuff and it feels wonderful.  'It's a good thing!' says Martha Stewart.  I've used heavy 14 gauge copper wire for the spirals (I used my Hulk hands!).  The Lapis Lazuli heart was a lost treasure in my stash of goodies and I was delighted to rediscover it and that the size works.

Lovely bronze wire was used to make a gazillion hearts, that link together much like chain maille.  I used a lobster clasp and was a happy camper to see that the color matched.

I'm always experimenting with making heart shapes for earrings.  I want something different, but the same (I need to drink more coffee!)  So, I gave these copper hearts a bit of hammering to add something, something, then a patina to the wire and sweet pink crystals for movement.

Now, on with my day.  The agenda is boring.  I need to make an invoice/manifest to ship a batch of jewelry. Tomorrow will be fun.  I'm going over to my friend Jeanette's home and studio.  She's writing a tutorial for a magazine for a new bracelet and I get to help!   I'll write a post about this adventure in the next few days.

Have a joy filled and creative day! ~ Linda
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