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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My First Pieces for 2014

It's been a while since I played with my bronze wire.  I guess I forgot it was in the drawer.  When I reached for my 16 gauge copper wire, I discovered that I was at the very last few feet.  That just isn't enough to create a necklace.  There was a moment of scratching my head wondering where my wire went to and then lickadee split I remembered that I have been a busy bee.  So I've ordered some copper wire to restock.  And, in the meantime, I must, must, must continue to make, make, make, so out came the bronze wire.  Oh so pretty!  Oh so close in color to real gold.  And, oh so much more affordable than gold.

You'll see this link in a previous posts.  I have fallen in love with it.  Today, I noticed that there is an abstract heart in the filigree design.  An added bit of happiness to be able to see hearts, hearts, hearts.  So I set out to make links.  Then  I needed to match them with beads or crystals.  These cobalt blue crystals are a perfect match.  Up until last spring, I was living in West Virginia.  Everywhere you look there is blue and gold for most of the sports teams.  So I think it is fitting that I remember the 3 years in West Virginia with this design.

It is now listed in my Etsy shop, but I might be sending it to the Buxton and Landstreet Gallery in Thomas, WV.  After all, it's the state colors.  But, then again, I might make a twin necklace and earring set just for them.

I have several necklace and earring sets on my table.  I'll post pictures of them in the very near future.  Most of them need to be polished, tumbled, photographed and listed in my Etsy shop before I can share them with you.

Have a fantastic New Year.  Remember you are in charge of creating what you want for this year!  ~ Linda
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