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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

I know the title of this post is corny!  It's early in the morning and the coffee is just kicking in.  Perhaps, I should wait to post this until after the caffeine works it's magic. Not!  So, I'll keep the words to a minimum.

This bracelet fits the wrist like a cuff and it feels wonderful.  'It's a good thing!' says Martha Stewart.  I've used heavy 14 gauge copper wire for the spirals (I used my Hulk hands!).  The Lapis Lazuli heart was a lost treasure in my stash of goodies and I was delighted to rediscover it and that the size works.

Lovely bronze wire was used to make a gazillion hearts, that link together much like chain maille.  I used a lobster clasp and was a happy camper to see that the color matched.

I'm always experimenting with making heart shapes for earrings.  I want something different, but the same (I need to drink more coffee!)  So, I gave these copper hearts a bit of hammering to add something, something, then a patina to the wire and sweet pink crystals for movement.

Now, on with my day.  The agenda is boring.  I need to make an invoice/manifest to ship a batch of jewelry. Tomorrow will be fun.  I'm going over to my friend Jeanette's home and studio.  She's writing a tutorial for a magazine for a new bracelet and I get to help!   I'll write a post about this adventure in the next few days.

Have a joy filled and creative day! ~ Linda
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's Work Table

For the past several days I have attempted to write a blog, but none of my pictures would post.  They just hung out with a mystery twirling ball, which I imagine meant Blogspot was thinking.  It turns out to be Google's attempt to get me to change my browser from the big E to Google Chrome.  I've heard nothing good about Chrome, something about Google collecting every bit of my data that I post.  I don't have any secrets that I would ever put in print form, but I do like having a choice in whether someone gathers my info without asking.  But, then again, I have had this blog since 2005 and Google has found a way to force me to use Chrome.  If I use Chrome I can post pictures on my blog.  How annoying!  But, I have found a way to work around it.  I use the big E for everything, except for Blogspot.  I have placed a Chrome icon on my laptop and only open it for my blog.  I'm not technical, but I think this should do the trick.

Now for today's blog.  The new year has many, many goals in place for my wire jewelry business.  The first is pretty much the same as for the beginning of last year "To make new designs and challenge myself with new techniques".  To help me along with my quest I have been using the new book "The Missing Link" by Cindy Wimmer.  If you like to make wire jewelry you will love, love, love this book.  One of the link designs in her book is called Cumulus Clouds.  She shows it being used as a link and last November, I did just that, plus I made a necklace focal.  But, now I've adapted the link into a pendant.  I've used heavier wire and attached a bead dangle.  Since this picture was taken, I have already tweaked the pendant design by making the bail larger and a double loop of wire.  Since, this is the first pendant, I wanted to show it.  Besides, it's late and I haven't taken a picture of the next version with the small change.

This pendant is now listed in my on line shop at lindasinish.etsy.com

Now for a sneak peek onto my work table.  This is just a small area on my table.  You can see that it's a mess.  I have a tendency to start a project and place the parts on a paper plate.  Then, the plates begin to stack onto themselves.  Most of the time, it's because I get distracted by a new design that 'must' be started 'now'.  I then look back at the older projects and they look and feel like that basket of laundry that needs to be folded and sorted and I just don't want to do it.  I can be such a child at times.

I'll break this picture down in sections in the following photos.  But, guess who forgot to order copper wire and had to use bronze.  Actually, it was fun playing with the bronze wire.

These are a pair of earrings in progress.  The ear wires need to be made and attached and everything needs to be cleaned and polished.  I've been admiring this design on Pinterest and was thrilled to find the tutorial in the last Wire Jewelry magazine.  I found them a bit awkward to make, but honestly, it might have been my mood.  I was cranky....more coffee please!

You've seen this link before, but in antiqued copper.  I just need to figure out which beads I want to use and then a new necklace will be ready.

Hearts!  I played with a new pendant heart design.  I want to embellish them with some bling, maybe, most likely some Swarovski crystals and some wire swirls and  wire wiggles.  I have some small glass hearts, I wonder if that would be too many or a compliment?  I 'll try one and see if I like it.  I can always remove them and start over.

Back to copper and another link from Cindy's book.  I need to make a few more links and then I can finish this necklace.

Well, I've been writing instead of sleeping, so I better put my laptop down.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Have a joy filled and creative day! ~ Linda

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My First Pieces for 2014

It's been a while since I played with my bronze wire.  I guess I forgot it was in the drawer.  When I reached for my 16 gauge copper wire, I discovered that I was at the very last few feet.  That just isn't enough to create a necklace.  There was a moment of scratching my head wondering where my wire went to and then lickadee split I remembered that I have been a busy bee.  So I've ordered some copper wire to restock.  And, in the meantime, I must, must, must continue to make, make, make, so out came the bronze wire.  Oh so pretty!  Oh so close in color to real gold.  And, oh so much more affordable than gold.

You'll see this link in a previous posts.  I have fallen in love with it.  Today, I noticed that there is an abstract heart in the filigree design.  An added bit of happiness to be able to see hearts, hearts, hearts.  So I set out to make links.  Then  I needed to match them with beads or crystals.  These cobalt blue crystals are a perfect match.  Up until last spring, I was living in West Virginia.  Everywhere you look there is blue and gold for most of the sports teams.  So I think it is fitting that I remember the 3 years in West Virginia with this design.

It is now listed in my Etsy shop, but I might be sending it to the Buxton and Landstreet Gallery in Thomas, WV.  After all, it's the state colors.  But, then again, I might make a twin necklace and earring set just for them.

I have several necklace and earring sets on my table.  I'll post pictures of them in the very near future.  Most of them need to be polished, tumbled, photographed and listed in my Etsy shop before I can share them with you.

Have a fantastic New Year.  Remember you are in charge of creating what you want for this year!  ~ Linda
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