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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Demonstration at The Fire House Gallery

Today was very busy.  I drove an hour to The Fire House Gallery in Berryville, VA; shared a demonstration with Charmaine Jackson, a wonderful lampwork artisan; came home and immediately took a long nap; and now I'm writing a blog post.  I plan to spend the next day or so snuggled up safe inside, because the weather forecast is calling for a lot of cold weather and wet roads, perhaps ice, perhaps snow, but definitely stay inside kind of weather.  My to do list includes coffee, hot chocolate and of course wire.

These earrings sold today, because of the demonstration.

Here I am focusing.

Charmaine and I doing more chatting than demonstrating.

I had some anxiety driving to Berryville today.  I repeatedly found myself behind large state road trucks that were pre-treating the roads for the predicted bad weather.  So naturally I looked at the clouds over head and the trucks in front of me and began to worry.  I checked the weather on my phone and it continued to say mostly sunny and 38 degrees.  I guess the mostly sunny was someplace else, because I'm certain I was seeing clouds and very little blue sky.  But, the trip both ways was safe and dry, and as I type, the wet weather hasn't begun.

This necklace was sold today.  I had it on the table as an example, as I made some of the same links.

My hands at work.

Charmaine's hands at work.

The Fire House Gallery is a sweet and pretty place, packed full of excellent and beautiful art and artisan works.  The director, Kate, does an outstanding job of marketing.  Today was a special event for the public.  The Gallery was promoting hand crafted jewelry.  I, along with Charmaine were invited to demonstrate our techniques to the customers.  Demonstrations are important to promote the Gallery, but also to introduce the artisan to the public.  I'm not a bit shy about demonstrations.  I love what I do and I love sharing the techniques.  The customers are eager to discover the methods behind the artisan pieces they purchase.  Demonstrations also encourage the shoppers to buy the artisans work.  Both Charmaine and I sold several pieces of jewelry and I should mention that we didn't 'sell', we just chatted with new friendly faces and the jewelry went home with them.  So, I will eagerly be accepting opportunities to demonstrate wire jewelry techniques in future venues.

Work, work, work

Watch that necklace on the table in front of me.....abracadabra- Sold!
Now its time to go watch some tv or perhaps read.

Have a joy filled and creative day, ~ Linda

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