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Thursday, December 5, 2013

3 New Necklace Designs

I'm keeping my words brief today.  After all, it's the pictures that really count. Right!?

The 3 front hoop links have been inspired by a link designed by Cindy Wimmer.  Check out her new book on wire links "The Missing Link"  it is truly amazing! 

Here's a different view of the necklace.  The original design had larger beads at every other link, but the dang things kept cracking down the center.  So I went with a consistent size and quite frankly I like it better...happy accident!

Here are the matching earrings.  Yes, the larger bead is the one omitted from the necklace.  But, I didn't have any problems with the bead in the earring design.  I believe that 'some', but not all, of the beads in the necklace were defective.
In my head I hear Stevie Wonder singing "Isn't she lovely?"  I can't help it, but I do love the way this necklace turned out.  I had seen a link similar on Pinterest, but when I went to make it my hands and pliers decided to be a bit different. SOLD
I found these jewel colored beads at A.C. Moore.  I was very excited in the isle.  I have the best time in the bead section because I usually end up making new friends with other bead lovers. SOLD
Last, but certainly not least, the 'Cumulus Cloud" links in this necklace and the earrings below are from the book "The Missing Link" by Cindy Wimmer.  I modified the link for the front focal bead on the necklace.  Since I used 16 GA wire it was tough on my fingers to fold the wire (as instructed), so I used 2 strands of wire and curled/spiraled the ends.  I want to make another one, just for me.

Here are the earrings for the necklace.  Since the tutorial uses a random technique I had to come up with a plan to make each earring reasonably close in design.  So I would make a 'Cumulus Cloud' on one earring and go to the other and make a "Cumulus Cloud'.  Back and forth I went to come as close as I could.  I then added crystals with an open spiral on the end.
Thank you for visiting.  I hope you'll stop back again.  Have a joy filled and creative day!, - Linda

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