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Monday, October 21, 2013

Learning to Relax the Wire

It's a challenge for me to let the wire go where it wants to go (within reason).  I think, because I'm a retired accountant I am naturally driven to exactness and precision when I create jewelry.  There is a technique of making 'messy' designs and it's difficult for me to achieve.  So this bracelet design is a perfect project for me to 'let loose' and direct without directing.  (Does that make sense? hmmm!)

The first bracelet in the series:  Bronze with Swarovski crystals.  The crystals were wrapped inside the heavier outer wire in a random fashion.  I think a bit of order would have been a better choice.

The second bracelet:  Bronze with Swarovski and Onyx.  This time I used a pattern, but I'm not in love with the color and bead choices.

The third bracelet.  Bronze.  I think this is my favorite.

The fourth bracelet.  Copper, Antiqued.  Looking at this picture has made me aware of an open wire near the spiral charm. I'll correct this, as soon as this bracelet comes out of the tumbler.  I like this bracelet the best against my skin, but then again, I do love copper.

And finally, the fifth bracelet.  Copper, antiqued with Swarovski crystals.  Here I used all 6mm round crystals for a simple pattern.  It's very tee-shirt and blue jeans!  Don't you agree?
Of course my opinion doesn't mean a thing.  It's really up to the buying public.  The labor is minimal, and the only real cost are the Swarovski crystals, so I'll price these to sell.  Maybe $25 each. 
Thank you for reading today.  Have a joy filled and creative day!

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