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Monday, September 30, 2013

Todays Night Stand

On occasion I will post a picture of my work table and it's current projects.  But today, I thought it might be of interest to see what's on my night stand.

The first thing that comes to my attention is the fact that obviously I am recovering from a cold or some sort of virus.  Here you will see my NyQuil, the sneezy, stuffy, can't get to sleep medicine.  Oh how wonderful this tonic is when I'm down and out.  Next to it is a bottle of crewable vitamin C tablets.  They taste like sweet tarts and the extra vitamin C is always helpful with a cold.  And because I can't get enough vitamin C, there is a now empty bottle of orange juice.  To it's left is my empty coffee cup and near it is a mystery novel that I just can't get interested.  Perhaps it's my cold, perhaps it's just not that good.  I'll give it a another read attempt when I'm feeling better.  Of course you will see the TV remote, because when I'm pampering myself I like to watch something funny.  Of course the telephone.  Did you see how pretty she is?  A new Samsung Galaxy III.  A present to myself a month ago.  The learning curve continues.  On top of the read pile is my favorite bracelet.  The cold didn't give me strength enough to put it away.  And finally some reading material.  On the bottom is a newspaper article about an art co-op in Manassas that I'm considering sending in a jury application and on top of that is the latest newsletter for Berryville, VA.  It has a nice article on the Fire House Gallery, where I have some of my jewelry for sale.  Yes, there is a tiny dog house bed in the back ground for Sadie and next to the table is a swivel, rocker, recliner that has put me to sleep many a night.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  Have a joy filled and creative day,



Trick of Treat!  Are you ready for the candy werewolves?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hired to Teach at Michaels Arts and Crafts

When I moved by to Northern Virginia I had a goal to teach wire jewelry classes.  I am now scheduled at 4 venues.  It's been a long and sometimes challenging task, but I'm hoping that all the efforts will be successful.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fire House Gallery

I am a happy gal and proud to announce that my jewelry now has another gallery to call home.  Since I have moved from the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, I have needed to rebuild my business here in the Piedmont Region of Virginia.  Here the mountains aren't quite as large and are easier to travel.  Most of the roads are wavy, gentle hills with large pastures on either side of the roads.  So my hour drive from my home to Berryville, VA was blissful.  The sky was clear and there was just a hint of autumn in the temperature.  As I got closer to Berryville the roads became more narrow and the landscape was full of trees.  I had to drive through the tiny town of Millwood.  It gave me the feeling of being sent back in time.  All the buildings were small, quaint and filled with history.  Finally, I was back on a larger country road, which took me into Berryville.  What a darling town.  It's part of the rebuilding and restoring of small towns throughout America "Americas' Main Street Project' and they have done a magnificent job.    It was definitely worth the hour drive.

Here's a picture of the Fire House Gallery as it looks today.
In the past the Fire House in Berryville, VA served to protect the residents of the area.

I found this gallery through the all knowing 'Google'.  I searched Art and Winchester, VA.  I choose Winchester as a destination, because it's within my hour commute goal.  Up popped a few artists.  Then I opened their pages and started to read.  That's how I found The Fire House Gallery.  I had no idea where Berryville, VA was, so before I did anything I checked out Google maps.  Then onto their web-site and read how to submit an application.  The application was completed, along with a few pictures and then I waited.  A couple weeks went by and I received a call.  To tell the truth, if I hadn't received a call in another week I would have 'dropped in'.

Pendant:  Copper, Patinated, Unikite, Tree of Life ~ Now at Fire House Gallery

I met with the Director and we had a wonderful time chatting about the history of the building and how the residents raised the money to have the fire house restored and transformed.  We also discussed the business at hand, to include the contract they provide and the manifest of the jewelry I was submitting.  I've enclosed pictures of a few of the pieces.
Necklace:  Copper, Patinated, Forged, Agate ~ Now at Fire House Gallery
They provide, as most galleries do, all of the displays for the jewelry.  I do need to create some earring tent cards, as this is the way they display all of the earrings.  I started to do this this morning, but needed to take a break, since graphics don't come natural to me.  I can figure it out, but it becomes time intensive and frustrating.  So here I am writing to you. ~ Much nicer!

Earrings:  Silver, Forged (design by Linda Jones) ~ Now at Fire House Gallery

Earrings:  Copper, Patinated,, Forged, Crystals ~ Now at Fire House Gallery


Earrings:  Silver, Forged, Crystals ~ Now at Fire House Gallery

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoyed my journey to the county.  Have a joy filled and creative day. ~ Linda