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Friday, August 9, 2013

Spiral Cluster Dangle Earrings

This is a quick post for those friends of mine who want to make these earrings.  I have written a very quick tutorial, without detailed pictures.  You should have no problem if you know how to make a spiral and jump rings.  Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

These earrings area about 2 1/4" long from the top of the ear wire and about 3/4" wide.
Original design by ‘BooJewels, from the United Kingdom on Etsy.com selling for 24 pounds UK or $38.21 USA.

These are time intensive and I agree with the price, but I’m not sure if my public will pay $38 so I’m going to start at $32.00 and adjust after it sells, depending on how quickly they sell and the customer feed back.

Note:  It is easier to oxidize and clean the copper components before assembly.


1.       Wubbers round nose pliers

2.       Chain nose pliers

3.       Flat nose pliers

4.       Flush cutters


1.       18 gauge wire

2.       Liver of Sulfur

3.       Steel Wool

 Spirals Directions

1.       Flush cut a total of 11 pieces of 18 GA wire, as follows:

2 x 1 ½”

2 x 2”

2 x 2 ½”

2 x 3”

2 x 3 ½”

1 x 4”

2.       Use the tip of the round nose pliers to make a U on all of the pieces above.

3.       Use the chain nose pliers to make a tight circle from the U and then complete into spirals, leaving about ¼” uncurled at the end.

4.       Form the top hanging loop on each of the spirals, by placing the tip of the wire about ¼” in from the tip (about the 4mm spot) of the Wubbers round nose pliers.  Or find the 4mm spot on any round nose pliers.

Jump Ring Directions

1.       Make about 20 loops around the Wubbers round nose pliers about ¼” from the tip (about the 4mm spot).  Or find the 4mm spot on any round nose pliers.

2.       Flush cut ends to make 14+ jump rings

3.       Adjust and work harden jump rings

Assembly Directions

1.       Form 2 chains of 7 jump rings each.  Make sure the jump rings are aligned.

2.       Attach a scrap piece of wire to one of the end jump rings.  This will be used to hold the chain during assembly.  After assembly remove this piece of scrap wire.

3.       Attach the largest spiral (4”) to the very bottom of the chain.

4.       Attach the next 2 spirals size (3 ½”) to the next jump ring on the chain.

5.       Etc.

6.       Add the ear wires.
Now my friends, wear these and make your ears happy!  Or, make more and sell the dickens out of them.  Please give design credit to Boo Jewels of the UK.  

Have a joy filled and creative day ~ Linda


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