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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teaching Classes Again

Oh, how I have missed teaching wire jewelry classes.  But, I'm back on track, as of last Saturday.  I taught 7 inexperienced students and we all had a great day.  The class was called Fundamentals of Wire Wrapping.  It's a 4 hour busy class, packed with lots of techniques.  They all especially loved the wire cage bead they made.

A Cagey Pendant and Earrings ~ Beginner Class

As you may have read, I recently moved back to Virginia after 3 years in West Virginia.  The area I lived in West Virginia is beautiful and I was fortunate to be able to sell my jewelry in several galleries.  The galleries cater to the tourist that travel to the forest and mountains.  But, there isn't a market for classes, mostly because the local population is very small.  The population of Tucker County, WV is just a bit over 7,000 and the entire county has one traffic light.  So no teaching.

Now that I'm back in Virginia it seems like I am destined to teach and I am thrilled.  Teaching is a lot of work, especially the beginner classes, but I do love it.  I love to share the techniques of bending wire and to invite new people to learn to make jewelry.

A Blingy Spiral Pendant ~ Beginner Class

My friend Jeanette teaches at the Reston Community Center (RCC).  She loves to teach the intermediate and advanced classes.  She and I spoke and it seems like a great match for me to take on the beginner classes and then hand the students over to her for the more advanced and lengthy classes.

I've drafted 3 new beginner classes and Jeanette is going to propose them to her contact at RCC.  If all goes as we think it will, I will be on the winter schedule.

A Wrapped Up Bracelet ~ Beginner Class

In the meantime, I have a couple other venues that I will be approaching for classes.  I'll write about them as they get finalized.

And yes, I'll still be selling my jewelry, just not as much.  I'm still at the Buxton & Landstreet Gallery & Studios and I've got plans to approach some other shops and galleries.  It all takes time. 

Have a wonderfully creative and joy filled day, ~ Linda

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