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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photography Experiments For Dummies

I've never been a photographer or had a desire to learn about those lights and umbrella thingies they use.  Nor do I think a big camera with a bunch of attachable/detachable lenses are a hobby or profession I want to pursue.  I do however, completely 100% admire and respect those individuals with those talents and skills.  But....when you make and sell something, such as my jewelry, it becomes almost mandatory to learn some basics for taking a reasonable picture to post here in blog land or Etsy land. 

I have experimented with taking pictures and have repeatedly successfully failed.  Can I say successfully and failed in one breath? Recently, I came across a blog post for adding and helping with lighting.  Forgive me, but I can't remember where I read this information.  But the writer talked and of course photographed, how to take a better picture.  This person wrapped aluminum foil over some card board and used this to reflect the sun light from a window back onto the piece of jewelry.  It was so beautiful and the shadows disappeared.  So I tried it.  I'm not sure what to think about my results, but I'll comment the best I can under each picture.

Here's my experimental photography setup.  I use a cheapo Samsung camera with maybe 8 Mega Pixels.  No I don't know what a mega pixel is, but apparently the more your camera has the more the detail in the picture.  I paid about $69 for it at Walmart.

And yes, my window seat really needs to have a cushion.  Later!

I have to admit the reflection on the wire is awesome!  Not to mention the new white embossed scrap book paper is really lovely.

More great metal reflection and more new scrap book paper.  I love the writing on the back ground, but question if it is distracting from the bracelet.

The metal reflection is still terrific, but even though I love this paper I think it might be a bit busy for jewelry photos.

And this is an OLD picture that I took when I made the bracelet.  It does not have the aluminum foil reflector panels.  Not bad, and not that much difference.  I think most people wouldn't notice the difference,.  However, I do like the increased reflective quality of the pictures taken with the aluminum foil.
Always experimenting here in the lab, err, I mean studio.
Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.  Have a joy filled and prosperous day!  ~ Linda


  1. Don't know if you will find this useful but after many, many failed attempts this is how I now take my photos....

    1. Hi Niky, Thank you for the link to your photo setup. I'll give your techniques a try. Your jewelry is wonderful.

  2. Linda, I sure enjoyed this post on your latest journey in jewelry phtography. Your pictures look great! I haven't used my light tent in years - just use natural light out of direct sunlight (either by the window or outdoors). Overcast days are the best to take photos outside! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Cindy, It is always my pleasure to hear from you. I love your advice and greatly appreciate your tips, especially since you take such awesome pictures.


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