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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Queen of the Fairies & Earrings

 Isn't she lovely!?  I got so excited when I discovered her in a local antique shop.  There she was sitting high on a shelf.  Her price tag was a bit steep for my wallet.  My friend Brenda suggested that I ask if the price was negotiable.  I gently asked if the price was firm and mentioned that I would really like to buy her for my up coming birthday.  The nice man behind the counter made a telephone call to the seller and we agreed on a new price.  Now she sits high on top of one of my book cases.  I just adore every aspect of her, especially her lovely wings. So, I'll share more than one picture.

I just love her shoes.  All of her details are perfect, right down to the waves in her hair.

As you can see, the window blinds still remain unhung, but the unpacking is making progress.

I have made time to get back to work in the studio.  Here are the first earrings that have been made in the new space.

Swarovski Pearls

Blue Metallic Crystals


I've been in my new home for over three weeks and I finally unloaded the last few items from my vehicle.  I was wondering where my purses and favorite coffee cups were hiding!  I'm almost settled in.  I have a bathroom cabinet to assemble and those little piles of odds and ends.  I hope to reach my goal of completing everything by this weekend.  Fingers crossed.

Thank you for stopping by my little spot in virtual blog land.

Have a joy filled and creative day ~ Linda


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