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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Ready To Move

I just returned from a trip to Warrenton, VA where I will be moving.  The time was well spent emptying out the loft space where I will be living.  So many trips up and down stairs.  Then we washed the baseboards and windows in preparation for the painter to transform the walls.  My good friend Brenda will be taking care of getting the carpeting cleaned.  I am so excited about my move.  I just know it's the right decision. I parked my vehicle here in West Virginia and turned off the ignition about 5 pm.  After an intensely busy four days I'm unbelievably tired and glad to be able to crash.  The suitcase will remain unpacked until tomorrow.

Here's a few 'before' pictures to give you a peak into my visit.  I'll post more pictures once I've moved in and have everything organized.

Meet the neighbors!  These gals just love to chat.  The kitchen scraps are given to these gals in exchange for fresh eggs.

While in Warrenton I decided to fill the gas tank and was pleased to find gas prices 60 cents less than in West Virginia.

Sadie was given a leash free walk.  Since she's a senior citizen and walks slower than in her youth, it was easy for me to follow behind her.

The loft is huge and has 3 main sections.  Those book cases and window seat will be painted white.  A covered cushion will be made for the window seat.  The walls will be a very pale yellow, almost white.  This is the larger of the areas and it is where I'll put my bedroom furniture, swivel rocker recliner chair and the TV.  I love all of the natural light with the skylight and the large windows.  I have a feeling that window seat will be a favorite spot to sit with a warm cup of coffee and some great reading material.

Here's where the creations will take place.  This is a enormous dormer.  About 8 foot square.  My work table will be up against the window and my racks and cabinets will be along the walls.  This area will be a pale yellow, almost white.

The area beyond the ladder will be my office.  Can you see the tall ceiling?  I believe they are 10 to 12 feet in the center.  I'll place my desk along the wall to your left.  The wall on your right will have my antiqued Singer sewing machine.  Again, the walls will be a very pale yellow, almost white.  The doors to the walk in closet and bathroom will be white.  There is some shelving to the distant wall and that will be white.  And yes, the carpeting is scheduled for a cleaning.  That's Mark in the picture.  He's the wonderful painter who is helping to transform the walls.

I hope that I have made some sense during this post.  Perhaps I should have waiting until tomorrow and typed with a fresh outlook.  But I wanted to get this written so I can get the balance of my packing ready.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a joy filled and creative day.


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  1. So fun to see your new space. I'm sure you will be very happy to be back in Virginia.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda