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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lots and Lots of Change Happening

Today, I  had to do something awful!  I had to remove my jewelry from a local gallery.  It wasn't an easy decision or easy task, but it was needed.  I have been with Mountain Made in Thomas, WV for well over 2 years.  They were a giant stepping stone in my jewelry business.  The sales have always been spectacular and my two friends who work at the front counter are tremendous.  They will always have a special and loving place in my heart.  However, my commission checks have been late, missing and difficult to receive.  The general manager has stopped returning telephone calls and she has expressed that there is a cash flow problem.  I've been working with them and being patient for several months, but there comes a breaking point in everyones' life.  Mine was when yet another check didn't arrive and my e-mails and telephone calls were ignored.  It simply isn't professional or respectful to ignore the artists that keep you in business.  A cookie cutter answer to everyone would be so easy and professional.  A simple 'We're sorry for the delay and we appreciate your patience while we do our best to redesign our budget and get back on track.'  But, no!  She would rather ignore everyone.  It's not just me.  I've spoken with several of the artists.  Many have already withdrawn from the gallery.  Others are getting ready.  I kept holding on with the wish that a miracle would happen, but no such luck.

When I went into the gallery to pick up my inventory, I noticed that many of the shelves were scarce.  Yes, there was merchandise, but there was a lot of empty places.  I now have mixed emotions.  I'm disappointed that I had to pull out, but I'm relieved that I finally got this ugly situation off my plate.  I will be writing the Board of Directors later this week to express my gratitude for the opportunity that the gallery provided.  I will then express my desire to return when they have new management.  That's my way of letting them know they have to examine their business model and manager.  I will also express how the gallery is in a hot spot for making a huge success and profit, especially with the new interstate scheduled to open within the next few months. 

Now lets talk about something wonderful and happy.  As you have read in previous posts, I have a contract on my home and I'll be moving soon.  Here's a picture of how my studio looks today.  Frightened?  I am!  But, I'm also excited to move and begin a new chapter.

A good friend stopped by and gave me an unexpected gift.  A new fairy to add to my studio collection.  I have named her Tammy, after my friend.  She will fly around my new studio with my other little fairies.

During all of this change, I've also been thinking about spicing up my tent.  I've ordered a few new items, but this bright pink bird cage is by far my favorite.  I'll hang it from the tent ceiling supports and then hang some jewelry from it.  I'd really like to have a cluster of 3 bird cages, but honestly, it gets really tiring hauling and setting up a bunch of stuff.  So, I think one bird cage will do the trick.

Have a joy filled and creative day!  Thank you for stopping by my blog.


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  1. What a shame about the gallery. I'm sure that was a tough decision. What a great space you have currently for your studio and I hope you find a new home with a great space, too. What a lot of work it is packing. What a sweet fairy. And that bird cage is so cool. Good luck with the closing and move.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda