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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Synchronicity and Our Creative Muse

Source:  Pinterest
Well, dang!  I just don't know what to say, except to say our world is very mysterious!

Source:  Pinterest

A few weeks ago I made a pendant based on a free tutorial by Zoraida Bros.  I was then inspired to tweak it with a few of my own inspired techniques.  I was thrilled with the new pieces of jewelry and more and more ideas kept flowing.  My creative muse was hard at work providing me with a steady stream of new ideas.
Source:  Pinterest
Insert music from the movie 'Shark'....Then I was on Pinterest and saw a piece that was pretty darn close to one of my new designs.  I clicked and followed and found to my amazement another jewelry artist that had a line of wire jewelry that was not only like mine, but the prices were nearly the same.

No, she did not copy my creations!  No, I did not copy her creations!  So how did this happen?  It turns out that no one person is the creator of an idea or physical piece of art.

Souce:  Pinterest

Well, perhaps my creative muse is also actively inspiring other artists.  It turns out that she's not 'my' creative muse at all!  She's 'our' creative muse!  (I just looked up muse and it is said that there are only 9 muses.  So, perhaps....) Perhaps we all share the same or simular muse.  Perhaps we are all connected through an unseen loving and creative energy that we are all fortunate to be part of and we are merely the hands that are used to bring more into our physical world.

Source:  Pinterest

So I calmed down and said thank you to that unseen creative energy for providing ideas and for shaing them with many artists.

From the Free Dictionary

Greek Mythology Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the philosophical concept. For other uses, see Synchronicity (disambiguation).

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s.[1]

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  1. I do think it's almost impossible to have something that is completely original. For example, I saw the same earring design in three places at once and I don't really think anyone was copying anyone else. But that it's like you said that no one person is the creator of an idea. Sometimes, too, I think that one person tweaks a design she's seen someone else and ends up just like someone else's design (and that she hadn't seen). Kind of like a design comes around full circle. I also think sometimes we see something and remember it but don't remember where we saw it or don't remember that we got if from someone else. We are all inspired by each other, the shapes all around us, and what's going on in the collective consciousness.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda