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Friday, January 25, 2013

Frustrating Failed Results

I'm going to attempt to write this post in a positive tone.  However, I must admit that at this moment I'm experiencing a great deal of frustration.  Creating new pieces of jewelry is very rewarding.  But, not all days go smoothly, even for those of us doing what we want for a living.

I'm wearing an eye patch, so my writing is limited to the vision of my right eye.  Even with my wearing glasses and a magnifier visor, I have somehow managed to get something in my left eye.  I've used an eye wash, repeatedly and believe the debris has been removed.  Of course, now the eye hurts every time I blink, so some gauze and a large bandage is keeping my eye lid closed, so the lid doesn't keep irritating my eye, as it heals.  Sorry, I sound like such a whiner.

Today, I completed 1 pendant and 8 pair of earrings.  All are new designs for me.  My frustration has only allowed me time to photograph 3 of the new pieces.  So, what's the bad mood all about?  Well, the frames for my new jewelry pieces didn't oxidized!!!  Lot's of work went into these beauties.  First I used heavy wire and formed the frames.  Then I carefully hammered the wire.  The beads were added by attaching them with thinner wire.  So, as I was giving them a bath, out on the snow covered deck, I watched as the thinner wire darkened, as expected.  Since, I've been using liver of sulphur for about 8 years now, I've grown to know when all of the wire should be dark in color.  But still I wondered why the heaver wire wasn't changing.  So I gave the wire a bit more time to help encourage it, thinking perhaps my standing out in the cold had caused me to be impatient.  But, no!  It continued to remain the original color.  I puzzled over the results.  After all, these 9 pieces have been in the works for nearly 3 days.  I finally realized my mistake.  While making the frames, I pulled out my wire and decided I should use up the old wire on the small coils that had been in storage for years.  'Here's your sign!'  This wire had been purchased during my early years and I had mistakenly purchased coated wire, i.e. this stuff is treated to keep it from tarnishing.  Grrrrrr! Yes, this wire has now been permanently removed from my studio.  This was one very time intensive lesson!

As you can see from the pictures above, there are other errors to be seen.  First, I see that the gap between the tops of the earrings are not equal.  So I'll adjust these and re-photograph, perhaps on a non-snowy day!  Then the pendant is not wrapped to my expectations.  I do love the design, but it certainly isn't worth listing for sale.  I'll remove the wire on the right side and re-wire.

Now, I think I'll go vacuum something, so I can restore my feeling of completing something successfully.  Then, I'll celebrate my vacuuming success with a Weight Watchers ice cream.

Thank you for putting up with me today and I promise my next blog post will be positive.  Perhaps with similar designs only correctly completed.


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  1. I hope your eye heals quickly. Your designs are beautiful despite the little "imperfections". I've made similar mistakes with old wire stash.



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