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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

My gift to you is hope and a wish for a world that is quiet and peaceful, yet full of laughter and joy.   An aware life where you are surrounded and full of happy and helping people; of excellent health; one where you are aware and experience the ability to always receive the favor and gifts of the larger, greater and more powerful creative life force that is always present.

Merry Christmas with Love, ~ Linda

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Butterfly Wing Earring Tutorial

I have added 'Wire Jewelry Masterclass' by Abby Hook to my library.  One of my favorite designs and tutorials is her butterfly wing earrings.  While I was recreating her design I cut my wire incorrectly and that caused the design to be changed.  But, I really like it, so I have decided to record the new tweaks here.  I plan on making addition pairs of these earrings and changing the beads or crystals to give them different personality.

18 gauge copper wire
24 gauge copper wire

Small Rap And Tap, stepper pliers - optional
Sharpie pen
Chain nose pliers
Bench block
Sand bag or folded towel

Since it was late when I wanted to shoot these pictures, I needed to be inside using over head lighting.  Not the best pictures, but clear.

Flush cut 3 1/2" of 18 guage copper wire
At 3 1/4" from the tip of the wire, make a mark with the Sharpie
Make a 90 degree bend at the 1 1/4" mark, using your chain nose pliers
Using the small mandrel of the small Rap and Tap pliers make a loop on both ends of the wire
Using the chain nose pliers to secure and hold the small loop on the 1 1/4" end, make a partial open spiral.  The space of the new portion of the open spiral should be about the same as the beginning loop.  The beginning loop will end up with the tip of thewire facing upward and near 11 o'clock.  This wire will also be touching the long staight wire.  The final form will look like half a heart.
Turn the form upside down (upside down 1/2 heart) and make an open spiral.  The space in the new section of this open spiral is about the same as the beginning loop.  You may need to use your fingers to adjust this open spiral so it touches the top open spiral wire.  This botton open spiral will not touch the straight wire on the left.  There will be some space between the straight wire and the open spiral.  This will make the bottom open spiral sit out more than the top open spiral.
Using the flat side of the hammer, flatten and work harden this frame. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December

Here it is December, that overwhelming time of the year.  Yes, I know it's Christmas time and I absolutely adore this season, but you may agree with me that the to do list is longer than normal.  Last week I managed to get the outside decorations up on the house.  The weather today was so spring like that I ventured to the back yard shed and got all of those Christmas decoration bins hauled to my deck.  Since my house is for sale I am going to spend some extra time going through all of my decorations and doing some serious down sizing. The 10 large plastic storage bins and 5 plastic wreath containers have gotten out of hand.  I don't plan on moving more than 2 bins and 1 wreath container.   I plan on giving many of my decorations to my family and what they don't want will go to charity.

I have been plenty busy in the studio getting new designs ready to restock the shelves at the WV Highlands Gallery, so I thought I'd share some of the new pieces with you.  The pendant above is a lentil lamp work bead, about 25 or 30 mm.  I had a couple tree of life frames left over and this bead fit inside perfectly.  I used 20 gauge wire to embellish the frame.  Boy, what that a challenge.  Future pendants of this design will be made with 22 gauge wire to give my fingers a break.

Sometimes I will just sit and wrap stones, beads or crystals with no design in mind.  Then I'll just bag them up and store them away in the studio.  This is the case with this necklace.  I got so excited when I found these turquoise (dyed) stones all ready to go.  I used some 24 gauge wire to wrap the front bail of this necklace.

This pendant is similar to the first pendant in this post  This is the first time I've used Rainbow Rhyolite and I absolutely love it!  Each stone is different from the others.  I am certain I will be using it a lot in my jewelry.
It's getting late and there's a cup of herb tea calling my name.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Have a joy filled and creative day!  ~  Linda