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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Lastest From My Work Table

A few words and a lot of pictures of the latest pieces from my work table.  All of these items are now at WV Highlands Art and Artisan Gallery, in Davis, WV.  Now that I've attached these pictures I have realized that I should update the gallery on my web-site.  I'll put that on my to list for tomorrow.

Necklace:  Silver with Crystals
Earrings:  To match the above necklace, because customers keep asking for the matching earrings
Necklace: Silver and Crystal
Earrings:  To match the above necklace
Pendant:  Tree of Life, copper and gemstone
Pendant:  Tree of Life, copper and gemstone
Pendant:  Copper, gemstone and crystal
Pendant:  Silver, glass, crystal and (actual) dipped leaf
Have a loving and prosperous day!  Thank you for stopping by my blog. ~ Linda

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