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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Works of Love

A very dear friend of mine is an icon of a loving, strong and determined women.  I am proud to be her friend.  She has recently recovered successfully from a double mastectomy and has had breast re-conconstructive surgery.  Mamma's got new boobs!  Her lovely daughter held a huge party in honor of her mothers success.  Over 70 people came to the party to celebrate.  I wasn't able to attend because the roads here in West Virginia were covered with downed trees, power lines and 2 to 4 feet of snow.  But, I wanted to do something special for my friend, so out came my wire, beads, crystals, stones and I put my tools and hands to work.  I wrapped up 50 pair of pink earrings for her and her guests and had our wonderful postal carriers deliver the little works of love.  Perhaps other jewelry makers have and will create some pink for those women we so love and admire and show them how much love is in this world - especially because of them!

Brenda and her daughter Ashlea were interviewed by NBC.  Here's the link if you would like to see the video.  Isn't she beautiful!


It is my hope that this will inspire someone to create something from the heart and offer it with no expectation, other than to express hope and love.
Thank you for visiting my blog. ~ Linda

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Lastest From My Work Table

A few words and a lot of pictures of the latest pieces from my work table.  All of these items are now at WV Highlands Art and Artisan Gallery, in Davis, WV.  Now that I've attached these pictures I have realized that I should update the gallery on my web-site.  I'll put that on my to list for tomorrow.

Necklace:  Silver with Crystals
Earrings:  To match the above necklace, because customers keep asking for the matching earrings
Necklace: Silver and Crystal
Earrings:  To match the above necklace
Pendant:  Tree of Life, copper and gemstone
Pendant:  Tree of Life, copper and gemstone
Pendant:  Copper, gemstone and crystal
Pendant:  Silver, glass, crystal and (actual) dipped leaf
Have a loving and prosperous day!  Thank you for stopping by my blog. ~ Linda

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tutorial: Hoop and Squiggle Earrings

In my quest for the ultimate pair of earrings I sometimes design them myself.  However, I'm not the only one making earrings.  There are many talented wire artists out there that are unbelievably talented.  When I discover their creations I set a goal to reproduce the items.  Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes I fail royally and sometimes the design takes on a life of it's own and turns out completely different from the original design.

I found this design on Pinterest, my latest favorite web place. There are a lot of potential variations for this design.  Here are a few ideas, 1) Use 2 different metals, i.e. antiqued copper and silver, 2) wrap a bead or crystal at the top and then add this unit, 3) add some seed beads to the top squiggle on the unhammered sections of wire, 4) use twisted wire on part or all of the components.  I bet there are other variations.   I hope that you will enjoy this tutorial and I hope that it's clear.

18 Ga wire
2 pieces at 3 ¼”
2 pieces at 4”
2 ear wires
2 ear chucks
Flush cutters
#20 = 20mm mandrel (about 3/4” in diameter)
Large Rap and Tap (LRAT)
Small Round Nose Pliers (SRNP)
Bench Block
Sand Bag or Towel
3 1/4” wire
Make hanging loop using middle of SRNP

Wrap wire around the 20mm mandrel with the hanging loop outward.
Your wire should wrap around the mandrel a tad bit more than the mandrel.

Hold with fingers to maintain shape.
Hammer lightly at first to work harden to maintain shape.

Hammer more to give the wire a flattened look.

Reshape on mandrel if necessary

4” wire

Start wire on the back of the SRNP.
Make a partial loop – about 80% - leave a gap.

Continue wire around to form a partial open spiral.
The beginning tip of the wire is now facing downward.
The remainder of the wire is horizontal.

Insert the back of the SRNP.  The bottom mandrel will be touching the beginning spiral.  Make a wrap around the top mandrel until the wire is going the opposite direction and is horizontal, yet touching the wire below.

Insert the small mandrel of the LRAT.  The LRAT is flush and touching the side of the beginning spiral.  Make a wrap around the small mandrel until the wire is going the opposite direction and is horizontal, yet touching the wire below.

Use the middle of the SRNP and make a loop going downward on the end of the wire.  This will be your hanging wire.

Use the middle of the SRNP and place it next to the end loop so it is flush or touching the end loop.  Bend the first or handing loop up and over this loop.

Use your hammer to work harden the entire squiggle.  Hammer the curves an extra bit to give it some shape.

Place the squiggle on top of the hoop and if necessary use your fingers to adjust the size to match the other earring.

Now its time to add the ear wire.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and perhaps used one of the suggested variations.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Have a joy filled and creative day!  Linda