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Friday, October 26, 2012

Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

Source:  Pinterest

I love a good mystery and history.  Throughout history there are great inventions that are created by different 2 people in 2 different locations. Sometimes they are in other countries.  So I believe that this same occurrence can and does happen when it comes to wire jewelry designs.  I think it's really magical when something original is created by 2 people that don't know each other.  It really makes me realize just how little I know about how our world really operates.  I figure one day I'll be looking down at our planet and say 'Oh!  Will you look at that!  So that's how that happens!'


The earrings on the left are from ArtistiKat on Etsy. The earrings on the right are from my worktable.  Mine have a bit more wire, the center is pushed out (I call it a bubble), mine have a simple loop and the beads are in 2 sizes.  I don't believe either of us were first.  I think this is so cool!  To see a coincidence like this is exciting!  I think the ancient philosophers called it synchronicity.

Recently I have noticed 2 of 'my' designs showing up by other wire artists.  I'm sure that she or he thinks the same as I do when we discovered the same design by someone else - 'Hey!  That's my design!"  I've had to apologize, in my own head, to the other wire artist for my accusation.  How selfish of me to think such a thought without evidence.  Besides, is anything truly ours?

Source:  Pinterest

I usually post my designs somewhere on the internet.  It is my personal style to put it out their and sometimes with a free tutorial.  If someone wants to recreate it, well then, I'm flattered. I think all of my designs are really from the ultimate Creator and I am gifted with the idea.  But it's also there to share.  But that's me and not everyone.

Here is another example of a similar design.  The one on the left is from Overstocked.com and the one on the right is from my worktable.  Mine have an open spiral and a charm hanging from the bottom and there is no bead on the top.  So I ask, Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?'
Source:  Pinterest

Please feel free to recreate any of my designs.  If you however make a purse full of money from selling it then please donate my share to a non-profit that helps mankind.

Now go make something out of wire and have fun!
Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  Linda

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