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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Earring Tutorial - Crossed Hoops

I first learned to make these earrings from a tutorial by Denise Peck in her book "Wire Style"  I love this book and would suggest that you check it out.

The other day I was working at the WV Highland Galery and a customer was looking for a mate to an earring she lost.  It turned out it was one of my earrings.  I opened my laptop and began helping her to identify it in my earring photo file and it turned out to be the crossed hoop earring.  I promised the lady that I would make a replacement pair for her.  Then began my thinking.  So I pulled out the tutorial by Denise Peck.  As I was making the earrings I decided to take some pictures of each step in the process.  Those extra pictures always help me when I need to recreate a piece of jewelry.

Since I was going to write a tutorial for myself, with extra pictures, I thought that I'd post them here, just in case it would be helpful to someone else.

16 gauage copper wire, but silver looks terrific, too.
2 ear wires

Heavy duty flush cutters
1" diameter dowel, or find this spot on a ring mandrel.
Bench block
Small stepper plyers or a 3 1/2 mm mandrel

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