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Sunday, September 9, 2012

What Happened to August - Selling My House

I just realized that I haven't posted in a over a month!  GADS!  That's unlike me, but I have been distracted.  I have decided to sell my home and move back to Virginia.  (Here's the listing for the sale of my home for even more pictures  Link to My House For Sale ) This time I'm moving to Warrenton, VA.  It's in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and about a 45 minute drive to Reston, Va (where I moved from).  The decision didn't come easy.  I have spent weeks thinking and worrying about taking this action. I love my home, living close to family and living in the mountains. But, I miss and need some of the benefits of living in a more populated area, like teaching, more fairs and festivals, taking classes and going to the Expo Center to buy wholesale beads and gems.  This list goes on and on.  I am considering buying a condo in the Canaan Valley, WV area, so I can live here part-time.  Now, there's a great idea!  I'll have the best of both worlds.  And while I'm in my condo I can visit family and all of the wonderful friends I've made here in WV.

Here's a mega Hybiscus from my yard.  She's the size of a dinner plate!

I always like to post pictures with my blogposts, so this time I'm posting pictures of my house for sale.  But, I promise you, there are several projects on my work table that I'll be blogging about very soon....there are a lot of leaf projects for this Fall selling season.

Here's a picture of the family room that I use as a studio.  Let's face it!  It's never this tidy! 

Here's the front of the house and my new flower garden! The family room/studio is behind the window on the far right, in front of my vehicle.  There's a door leading to the outside, on the right side, that makes my life so easy for loading and unloading my fair setup and tent.

I will miss this wonderful covered deck.  I make a lot of jewelry sitting here and looking at the mountains.

My favorite place to make jewelry is in the back, behind the table, near the back railing is another bistro table with 2 swival rockers.

I must admit, I make a lot of jewelry sitting in the recliner, with a tray on my lap, while watching TV.  I love to multi-task!  Don't you?

The story of the traveling jewelry tray.  Yes, I have been known to bring my wire and tools to the dinning room table, so I can stare out the sliding glass doors.

And when I'm not making jewelry, I'm planting vibrant flowers, like these Crape Myrtle bushes.

A one last picture to leave you breathless.  Another dinner plate size Hybiscus!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  I'll be writting very soon about the new wire creations from my work table.

Have a joy filled and creative day!

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