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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Invasion of the Leaf Beads

My last order of jewelry supplies included 2 bags of leaf beads.  A total of 190 beads.  Both are in different sizes, with different holes for connection and with different color tones  Little did I realize that I would soon get really tired of leaf beads.  I really wanted to use them all up to avoid more storage (I'm doing my best to down size before I move).  But, I think the leaf beads have won the battle and will be added to my storage.  In the past couple of posts you've seen my leafy creations.  Today's pictures are of my final leaf projects for the season.

Can you guess what I don't like about this pair of earrings?  Working quickly and with low light I 'thought' the leaf colors were the same on both earrings.  It turns out the blue is actually purple and the green is actually turquoise.  Part of me likes the fact that they are different, so these babies will be just for me.  Let's see if anyone says anything while I'm wearing them.
The other batch of leaves are more muted in  color and slightly larger.  I started out by making 4 strands of linked leaf beads.  When I assembled the pendant I decided that 4 was over done. 
Anyway, I ended up with 2 extra strands that were completely different. Since I really didn't want to make 2 more pendants, because by then I was so done with leaves.  I added a 3rd strand of a solid colored leaves.  It turns out that my favorite pendant is the one with all the mixed colors.
Thank you again for stopping by my blog and being patient with me as I tried, yet failed, to use up all of those leaf beads.
Have a day full of happiness,

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