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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Leaf Fell Onto My Work Space

I was gathering up some supplies to make this rose glass pendant and a bag of green leaves magically fell into the pile.  Perhaps a slight exaggeration!  I was planning on wire wrapping a new flat glass bead as a pendant.  The initial idea was to make a spiral and hang it from the bottom, but when I was getting my supplies together I noticed a little zip locked bag full of green leaves laying on the top of a pile of beads (somebody, aka me, needs to put some things away).  So I quickly made the decision to attach a leaf to the bottom of the new pendant.  After all, it is the Fall season and customers always seem to want a symbol of the current season or holiday.  Let's hope this pendant goes home with someone.

If this one sells I'll make another, but I think I'll change the design a tad bit.  I'm not fond of the little loops on each side of the Swarovski crystals.  Next time I'll make little spirals. 
After the wire and crystals were wrapped on the glass bead, they were very loose.  I turned the pendant over and added a kink with the flat nose pliers.  Whoa La!  Nice and secure.
I'm still in the mysts of sorting and downsizing,for my eventual move, so my blog posts are going to be brief for a while.
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by to read my blog.

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