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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Booth Progress

Whenever I make a change to my booth I take some pictures.  They let me stand back and look at what my customers are seeing.  During a busy day, under my tent, I don't always have the time to really analyse the change.

A small piece of the patterned fabric has been used for several months now. It is covering a wooden crate.  The crate serves several purposes.  First, it carrries supplies to my venue, second, it sets on top of the table to add some height to my display, and third, it's laying on it's side with the opening in the back, so it can be used to store my mini office, where I keep receipts, pad, pen, water bottle, etc.

In the past, all of my tables had the black fabric (cheap black sheets from Walmart), as a base, and shear material on the very top, to add some color.  But, I felt like it was boring.  I had some of the patterned material left over, that covers the crate.  So, yesterday I did an experiment and draped it over one of the tables.  I also had a pink rug.  It was an impulse buy from Dollar General.  Without thinking much, because setting up needs to be fast, I tossed it on the table.  It, adds some interest, but I like the way it gave a soild backgroud for the jewely laying on top of the rug.  Then, all the jewelry displays and risers were addeed.

Looking at it now, I want to make another change.  To the far right, (see the top picture), the folding tall filagree stand needs something heavier to be displayed (by the way, it was $2 at a yard sale, and 2 cans of spray paint).  It looks very airy fairy.  I'm thinking, thinking, thinking.  The bottom shelf needs something to catch the eye, perhaps a tall bust with a necklace with matching earrings.  The very top shelf is a bit to hign to display jewelry, so maybe artificial flowers and another Visa/MasterCard sign.

My secret weapon is the stand, that is on the very outer edge of my display, with the stack of small suitcases.  The case contains inexpensive earrings, that I make from a couple of beads (and maybe, beadcaps or a spacer) on a headpin.  Each set is in a tiny ziplock bag.  There is a noticable $9 price sign to catch their eye.  Ladies love to stop and rumage through these earrings.  It makes some of them stop in their tracks.  It makes others want to see what the other ladies are looking at.  When they are looking at these earrings, I gently mention, 'these are 3 pair for $24 and I take credit cards."  This gives us an opportunity to gently interact. Then I smile and walk away, to get out of their space. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.

I carry my cash and I-phone (for credit card transactions) in a small plain purse, with a long cross body strap.   There is a tall chair and 3rd table that I can setup whenever I'm at a larger venue or whenever I want to display more jewelry.  Here at the Elkins Farmers Maket, I don't need a chair, because there is a perfect short wall to chill out on (when the traffic slows down, never when there are customers nearby).

You may have noticed, from the pictures, that some of the smaller items are face down - 'Be aware off wind during outdoor events'. :-)

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a joyfilled and creative day!
Linda          www.lindasinish.com

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  1. I really like the crate you added for height. And love the suitcase filled with earrings for customers to root around in. That's a great idea. And having people in the booth looking at earrings draws even more people in. Good idea to add the rug to prevent the jewelry from getting lost in the print fabric. I agree that your filigree stand needs something substantial on it. Really like reading about your tips and tricks for booth display and interacting with customers.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda