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Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Accident

I was excited to received any invitation from Barbara Lewis to join her Facebook page 'Happy Accidents'.  A place where we can post our "happy accidents." They can be anything from our creative life ... jewelry making, gardening, cooking.   So being a team player, my creative sub-conscious set out to have an accident.  This is nothing new!  As much as I strive for perfection, it's not always achieved.

Today I was working on a new link/drop design that I'm using at first in an earring.  Later it will take other paths.  The link/drop is a familiar design, but with some creative tweaks.  There is a gap between the outer and next to the outer path of wire.  The outer path of wire has been hammered and the inner 3 spiral paths have been pushed outward to add dimension; 3 small wrapped drops were added, then everything is oxidized (because I must!) .  Onto the home stretch - you know where I'm going - out comes the steel wool.  I must admit that I was getting really frustrated removing the oxidation from those tiny crystal wraps.

Here's my happy accident!  Magically, one of the tiny crystal wraps managed to sneak it's way up and back over the connector loop, into my hand.  It was saying 'clean me up before putting me on the earring drop!'  What a time saver, stress saver and smile saver.

Have a creative and joy filled day,


  1. You have just described the beauty of working in the studio! I'm amazed at how these teeny occurrences can bring such joy! Thanks so much, Linda, for embracing the concept of Happy Accidents and for sharing your happy accident with us!

  2. The wonderful little things that make us happy! Sometimes I oxidize and clean up the wire before I make the tiny wraps and sometimes I forget.



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