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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Earrings From Idea To Actual

People like earrings, which makes me happy, because then I get to make them.  The problem is coming up with a design that is new, interesting, affordable and irresistible.  Irresistible is oh so important when selling jewelry for a living.  So I put on my thinking cap and I drew a blank.  Oh, so frustrating.  So I put my tools away and went to sleep.  In the morning, in that oh so sleepy state of mind, all I could think of was pear shape and wire.  The dream muse came to visit while I was asleep.  I actually think the whole pear shape had been planted in my mind from a pear shape gemstone I had worked with a few days before.  Plus, I had discovered a bag of pear shaped crystals hidden in the mass of creativity in my studio.  Of course, I hadn't put two and two together, but the dream muse came to my rescue.

These were made using 3" of 18 gauge wire, the 5th round step on the Fiskars mandrel, then loops were formed using the middle of the small round nose pliers, the jump ring was formed at the back of the large round nose pliers and 12 x 8 mm teardrop crystals were attached with a wrapped head pin.

I started with some 18 gauge wire.  I thought 20 gauge was too wimpy and 16 gauge would be to heavy.  Goldie Locks just came to mind.  Geeish!  Any way, the first attempts were the wrong size, but I continued.  I needed a pear shape wire that would frame the pear shaped crystal.  The first attempts were too small and the crystal was too big and wouldn't swing. I wanted that swing.  Then the wire frame was too large and the crystal got lost.  Finally, the measurements worked out.   Then the crystal still didn't want to sit right, or swing right.  That was fixed by making the jump ring larger.  When all the parts were assembled it still lacked what I like to call the 'wow factor!'  So out came the hammer - 'I'll fix you - you lack of wow factor you!'  Wham!  Ah, much better, but still there seemed to be something missing.  So I decided to use the round end of the hammer to add texture to the bottom portion of the wire pear frame.  Finally, I was satisfied.  Into the liver sulphur, onto the drying towel, then rub a dub dub with the steel wool. 

Behind the scenes - It was another beautiful day in the mountains, so I took my wire outside onto the back porch.  I often make repeats of a design.  It helps to speed production.  From wire jeweler to production queen!

Now, after all of that, lets see if those lovely customers will like them as much as I do.  If not - I've said this in previous posts - everyone gets earrings for Christmas.

Now, I've got to get back to work.   Have a terrific day.


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