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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stick Pins for Elkins Farmers Market

I wanted to add some bling to my tent at the Elkins Farmers Market.  Plus I wanted something that had a lower price point.  A stick pin just makes sense to me, but only time will tell if they will sell.  It sure seems like they should, especially at $5.00 each.  These little beauties won't make a  lot of profit, but it will hopefully drive some more traffic to my tent.  When people are in my tent it makes people think 'Hey, I wonder what they are looking at?'.  I guess this could be called a marketing strategy.

I'm thinking they might be displayed in a piece of foan core or that stuff flowers are stuck into.  That way they will catch the light.

Here's one of each color.  A future design will have a butterfly instead of the heart.

Upside down letting the glue dry.  I experiemented with difference glues.  I decided that the Bead Smith was the best choice for me.  Arlene's seemed to take too long to dry and the glue gun left strings of glue that I needed to clean up.

Outside and upside down drying and getting ready for their photo op.

I really love these darlings.  The Swarovski crystals have a lot of bling.  I used a different brand for the pear shape and I must say I can't tell the difference.  Bling, bling.

I had a lot of fun making these.

Have a joyfilled and creative day,


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